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160 Great East Neck Road, West Babylon, NY 11704

Phone: 631-376-7500

Principal: Christina Cotter

Mission Statement

South Bay School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where every child is valued and respected. Our mission is to inspire students to reach their highest potential by promoting academic, social, and emotional growth. We strive to create successful citizens who are individuals of good character and lifelong learners, by implementing a balanced curriculum, maintaining a positive atmosphere, and establishing a cooperative link between home and school.



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Hour of Code Week

Students in grades 2-5 were given maze pieceswhich they had to form together to create their own path for Dash to get through. Each grade level had specific obstacles in their path (depending on what we are studying during our normal library classes, like continents, dinosaurs, and Amelia Bedelia) that they had to program the Dash robot to get around, while still staying in within their mazes. They utilized Blocky or Dash and Dot in order to accomplish this task. In grades K-1 and Krista Granieri’s class, we are doing an unplugged gingerbread activity, in which students had to create their own path for the gingerbread man to get to his house, while eating treats and avoiding enemies in their path. They then had to write the code for their gingerbread boards according to a guide.

Math & Movement Family Fun Night

Wednesday evening, October 24, 2018 South Bay Elementary School hosted Math & Movement Family Fun Night. 

With the combined help of the West Babylon Senior High School Honor Society, parents and teachers the event was a huge success. Over one hundred students and their families, had fun practicing basic skills while using visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning modalities. 

This has been made possible by the generous contribution of the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation (LCEF) for the Moving Students into Success project. 

Safety & Security Updates

safety image
To continually keep up to date with safety and security throughout all the schools in the district, West Babylon has made enhancements for the 2018-19 school year. Below is a list of a few of the updates and highlights of security measures in throughout the district:

Secured vestibule at the Senior High School. 
Stop the Bleed kits in all buildings.
Additional Stop the Bleed training. 
Established visitor escort system at the Junior High School and Senior High School.
Teacher/student ID requirement. 
New director of guidance to assist with addressing social, emotional and mental needs of students.
Coordinated varied lockdown drills with Suffolk County Police Department.
Lockdown classroom markers.
Sign off with Suffolk County Police Department (camera access).
Meetings with Suffolk County Police Inspector Kevin Kane, Deputy Inspector Forte and Chief of Department Stuart Cameron.
Unannounced Suffolk County Police Department visits.
Scheduled an additional active shooter seminar for staff and faculty.
Scheduled follow-up building assessments to be done by Homeland Security. 
Crisis Prevention Institute training provided to security guards.
Senior High School cafeteria ¬– new wall and windows.
Additional exterior guard for the Senior High School (fall 2018).
Revised emergency plans provided to Suffolk County Police Department and State Education Department.
New districtwide radios purchased and distributed.
Coordinating RAVE app set up with Suffolk County Police Department and Suffolk County.
Cameras on several buses.
Additional window films. 

Speed and Motion Lesson

Students in Ms. Cardillo's Third Grade class had fun learning about speedand motion! They timed and measured the length a wind-up toy could travel to find the average speed.

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