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2015-2016 South Bay PTA Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Kristen Zunno and Toni Anne Alvino
1st Vice President: Lynne Adams
2nd Vice President: Naomi Angelos
Treasurer: Dawn Madalone
Recording Secretary: Jerrill Critchley
Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Ging
Council Delegate: Darlene Graham
Alternate Council: Heather Simonson
Past President: Kristine Hancock


At the November 19, 2015 South Bay PTA meeting, an informative presentation was made by Mrs. Jeannette Frabizio, District School Lunch Manager, to let parents know what their children's school lunches consist of. The parents at the PTA meeting were then invited to venture through the lunch line and sample many of the foods offered to their children, as well as take a look at several trays of food, containing four of the six required lunch components. The information and the food samples were well-received by the parents who were there. Also present was Mrs. Mary Payan, the South Bay cook.