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5th grade Pasta/Zingo Night

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The Great Read Aloud


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St. Baldrick's Day

Baldrick's Photo
Santapogue students shave their heads for St. Baldrick's 5th Grade students: Carmine Apuzzo, Nick Serrano, Nick Decker, Dylan Carroll and Kindergarten student: Brian Hickey

5th grade visits the Fire Island Lighthouse

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Founder's Day Winners

Founder's Day Photo
Barbara Orkwis - Founder's Day
Cathy Crowe - Founder's Day

Susan Soldano - Honorary life
Nancy Turano - Honorary life
Alison Gimberlein- Student Advocate

Reading Celebration Challenges Santapogue Students

Reading Celebration Challenges Santapogue Students
Reading Celebration Challenges Santapogue Students 2
Reading Celebration Challenges Santapogue Students 3
From Feb. 1-March 2, Santapogue Elementary School celebrated Parents As Reading Partners with activities, challenges and special events.

The theme for this year’s event “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” also coincides with Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2. Throughout the month, students were challenged with reading along with their family members. In addition, an author visit with Peter Catalanotto took place on Feb. 15, followed by a community reading day on Feb. 16.

Other activities included the Great Read Aloud Day and TV-less Tuesdays. The school also held a Read Across America Day and a mannequin reading challenge to add to the month of fun.

SCMEA Singers

SCMEA Singers
Santapogue fifth-graders and chorus singers Angelina DeGennaro and Katelyn Moar participated in the Division 1 West Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association concert on March 12 at Hauppauge High School.

PARP celebrations - "Oh The Places You'll Go"

Grade K Mannequin Challenge

Grade 1 Mannequin Challenge

Grade 2 Mannequin Challenge

Grade 3 Mannequin Challenge

Grade 4 Mannequin Challenge

Grade 5 Mannequin Challenge