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Capital Project Update

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The West Babylon School District capital bond project started in Jan. 2015. After five different phases of the project, the last phase is nearing completion. This summer, construction work was done at the Senior High School, Santapogue, John F. Kennedy and Forest Avenue elementary schools. While there is still some ongoing work, below is a highlight of some of the projects:

Senior High School:
New cabinets, ceilings, and floors in the art rooms
Replacing unit vents in north classrooms in new wing (ongoing)

John F. Kennedy Elementary School:
Nurse’s office/restroom
Boys and girls restrooms 
Sink base cabinets, sinks and bubblers in every classroom
Electrical upgrade (ongoing)

Santapogue Elementary School:  
Nurse’s office/restroom
Kitchen/cafeteria flooring, lights and ceilings
All interior and exterior doors (ongoing)
New sidewalks, curbs, and parking lot

Forest Avenue Elementary School:
Nurse’s office/restroom
Corridor flooring, lights and ceilings
Faculty restroom
Boys and girls restrooms
Sink base cabinets, sinks and bubblers in every classroom (ongoing)
New sidewalks, curbs, and parking lot
All interior and exterior doors (ongoing)
Elevator addition (ongoing)
Electrical upgrade (ongoing) 

Welcome Back West Babylon

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Kicking off the 2019-2020 school year on Sept. 4, students in West Babylon were all smiles as they entered exited the buses and entered their building. Students spent the day reconnecting with friends, getting acquainted with their new teachers, schedules and, in some cases, buildings and lockers. It was a sunny start to the new year and students are looking forward to a great year ahead. Browse through some of our opening day pictures…

Fundraisers Support Local Autism Efforts

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Throughout the school year, the district participated in various autism awareness fundraisers. This year, the district made a donation of $1,450 to support the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver. This program provides wristband technology that can be worn by individuals with cognitive impairments who may wander. This will allow the sheriff’s office to track them if they ever wander or get lost.

Celebrating Each Individual

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Santapogue Elementary School showed just how special and unique each individual student is during a ceremony in their rock garden.

Last year, the school created the rock garden, modeled after the uniqueness of the book “Only One You,” which stresses how everyone is unique and has something different to contribute to the world. Each student colored their own individual rock during art class. This year, the kindergartners and new entrants to the school were welcomed into Santapogue by creating their own rocks. 

One by one, each student added their own painted rocks to the garden. “There’s only one you in this great big world,” said Santapogue Elementary School Principal Jennifer Carere. “Make it a better place. Not only are these stones a colorful addition to our school, they can serve as a daily reminder to students that no matter what, they’re special and that they have the power to change the world.”

VIDEO: Night at the Arts at Santapogue

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Check out the student artists and musicians showing off their skills at Santapogue in May.