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Santapogue’s Rock Garden Celebrates Uniqueness

Santapogue’s Rock Garden Celebrates Uniqueness photo

Throughout the school year, students and staff at Santapogue Elementary School worked on coloring their individual rocks for their new rock garden. The school was inspired by the lessons in the book “One You,” which stresses how everyone is unique, and that each of us have something to contribute to the world.

On June 21, the school celebrated with a ceremony for each student to lay their rocks in the garden. Each year, the new kindergartners will paint rocks to add to the garden.  

“There’s only one you in this great big world,” said Santapogue Principal Jennifer Carere. “Make it a better place. Not only are these stones a colorful addition to our school, they can serve as a daily reminder to students that no matter what, they’re special and that they have the power to change the world. This message is hugely powerful.”

Seniors Walk Down Memory Lane

Seniors Walk Down Memory Lane photo

West Babylon Senior High School’s Class of 2018 took a walk down memory lane, literally, when they returned to their respective elementary schools for a senior walk on June 11.

Dressed in their caps and gowns, the seniors walked the elementary school hallways before concluding their academic journey in West Babylon. School district administrators, teachers and elementary students lined the hallways in each building to offer their congratulations and well wishes as the seniors begin the next phase of their lives. 

At Tooker Avenue, Forest Avenue, John F. Kennedy, Santapogue and South Bay elementary schools, the soon-to-be graduates had a chance to reconnect with their former teachers and staff, look at old class photographs and reminisce. 

2018 Santapogue Graduates Return

grads photo

SCOPE Pre-Kindergarten Application

Registration for the SCOPE pre-kindergarten program for the 2018-19 school year is now open. 


Learning in the Field

Learning in the Field photo
The fourth-grade classes from Santapogue Elementary School recently took a field trip to Connetquot State Park. The trip began with a tour of the hatchery and students discovered the underwater world of ponds through hands-on sampling and field observations. After visiting the pond, the class went indoors to look at microscopic organisms and discuss their role in the food chain. 

Healthy Hearts at Santapogue

Healthy Hearts at Santapogue photo
Santapogue Elementary School recently held a Hoops for Heart fundraiser. The school earned more than $10,000 to benefit the American Heart Association. Students jumped rope and talked about the importance of heart health all month in their physical education classes. 

A Ferry Trip to Fire Island

A Ferry Trip to Fire Island photo
A Ferry Trip to Fire Island photo 2
On May 4, kindergarten students in Susan Mahon and Yvonne Szpilka’s classes at Santapogue Elementary School took a field trip to the Fire Island lighthouse. Students took the ferry over to Fire Island and learned about the lighthouse and its history. 

Santapogue Students Sow the Seeds

Santapogue Students Sow the Seeds photo
In celebration of Arbor Day on April 27, the Babylon Rotary Club provided tree seeds for every first-grader at Santapogue Elementary School to take home. The first-graders took an Arbor Day pledge to take care of the trees and promised to plant them and care for them.