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Character Certainly Counts

Santapogue participates in a district wide program called, Character Certainly Counts. The students learn about and are exposed to a variety of character traits on a monthly basis. These traits are integrated with lessons and activities on a daily basis.

To help the children remember the character traits you can use the following creative devices:

Color Scheme

Trustworthiness : blue
Think "true blue"

Respect: yellow/gold
Think the golden rule

Responsibility: green
Think being responsible for a garden or for finances; or as
in being solid and reliable like an oak tree

Fairness: orange
Think of dividing an orange into equal sections to share
fairly with friends

Caring: red
Think of a heart

Citizenship: purple
Think regal purple as representing the state


Children can use this acronym to help them remember that
people with good character are terrific.

T rustworthiness
R espect
R esponsibility
F airness
C aring
C itizenship