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Girls Track and Field

Team Responsibilities


  • Athletes must participate to their full effort EVERYDAY.
  • For Safety follow these guidelines EVERYDAY:

                    Do                                                 Don’t
          “Jogging” Sneakers                       Basketball Sneakers

         Water Bottle w/ name                        Phones or IPOD
                 Shorts                                            Jewelery 
                 T-Shirt                                              Soda                        

              Sweatshirt                                    Caffeine Drink

**You may not run unless you have proper running shoes. All runners must have proper running shoes by FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE or they will be sent home instead of practicing and will not get credit for that day of practice.**

  • Every player is expected to be present and
    on time to all practices and matches.
  • Players set-up/return all equipment EVERYDAY:
  • Water cooler, Medical Kit, two tape measures, shots/disc

Travel to and from Meets

  • All athletes must travel with the team to and from meets
  • In the case of an emergency a written letter must be submitted BEFORE the meet for school approval.

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Order of Events & Scoring

Dual Meets:
**Field Events
(Start 30 minutes prior to the first race)  
High Jump
Long Jump
Pole Vault    
Shot Put/Discus     

**Track Races
(Start 30 minutes after field events)
110 Meter Hurdles     
1600 Meters Run     
100 Meter Dash
400 Meter Dash
800 Meter Run
400 Meter Hurdles
200 Meter Dash
3200 Meter Run
Triple Jump

Team Scoring

Dual Meets:
**Field Events and Individual Races:
5  points earned for First Place
3  points earned for Second Place
1  point earned for Third Place
**Relay Events scoring is all or none.
5 points for First Place
0 points for Second or Third

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Track and Field Drills

Track & Field Drills

Please seek parental approval before viewing Internet material.

Use of the videos is intended as a visual reinforcement of drills taught at practice.

The websites found below are intended for instructional purposes only.

Do not attempt without medical clearance and direct supervision of trained instructors.

Please note the links below take you away from the West Babylon School domain and are developed by third party individuals and the content is beyond our control.


Basic Drills We Practice Daily

Form Runs Develop Proper Running Mechanics (**Chin-up/Chest-out**):


1. Wall Drills for Explosive Acceleration

Wall Drills Develop Proper Sprint Mechanics (for proper form and range of motion):

2. Hurdle Drills for Jumpers, Sprinters & Hurdlers

Hurdle Drills to Develop Proper Sprint Mechanics and Jump technique


1. Discus Training Hurdle Drills for Discus

Discus Mobility Drills (for increase flexibility/range of motion):

2. Shot Put Instructional Video

Older Video (Still very good for beginners):

3. SHOT PUT LINEAR Exercises Parts 1, 2 & 3

Shot Put Specific Warm-ups and Drills (some sub-titles but excellent visual):

4. SHOT PUT Conditioning Part 1 & 3 and extra

Shot Put Specific Work-out Exercises and Drills (some sub-titles but excellent visual):


Beginner Drills for Pole Vaulters

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Equipment and Uniforms


Jogging Sneakers

1. **Training Shoes (Jogging Sneakers)

**Do Not Come to Practice in Basketball sneakers**


Work-out Clothing

2. Base Layer (polypropylene long underwear)

Only solid blue can show under the Team Uniform

("PolarTec" or "UnderArmor" Mid or Light weight) ** NO COTTON**          

3. Middle layer (fleece/ sweats)


(Fit is better than lose to help trap warm-air)           

4. **Outer "Shell Layer" Windproof jacket

(non- waterproof are superior because they allow perspiration to escape more easily)                                 

Racing Shoes (Spikes for Sprinters)

5. Racing Shoes (Waffle Flats for Distance)

Strongly recommended for second year Runners

6. Watch or Heart Rate Monitor

("Armitron" or "Casio" type sport stopwatch timer)

Strongly recommended for second year distance runners           
7. Stretch/Flexibility Rope  

("Stretching Strap" or "GoFit Stretch Rope")
8. Foam Roller/Recovery Tool

("The Stick" or "Marathon Stick")

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