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Tooker Teacher Honored

Tooker Teacher Honored photo
Lynn Gendron, fifth-grade teacher at Tooker Avenue Elementary School, was honored with a proclamation from Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory during the 2018 Teacher Appreciation Awards Night. She is pictured with Tooker Avenue Principal Charles Germano. 

Tooker Students Get Hands-On with Dissection

Tooker Students Get Hands-On with Dissection photo

Third-graders in Christine Kozak’s class at Tooker Avenue Elementary School participated in an owl pellet dissection. The hands-on experiment allowed students to study food chains and food webs. The third-graders dissected animal bones of moles, shrews, rats and mice and constructed skeletons.

Seniors Walk Down Memory Lane

Seniors Walk Down Memory Lane photo

West Babylon Senior High School’s Class of 2018 took a walk down memory lane, literally, when they returned to their respective elementary schools for a senior walk on June 11.

Dressed in their caps and gowns, the seniors walked the elementary school hallways before concluding their academic journey in West Babylon. School district administrators, teachers and elementary students lined the hallways in each building to offer their congratulations and well wishes as the seniors begin the next phase of their lives. 

At Tooker Avenue, Forest Avenue, John F. Kennedy, Santapogue and South Bay elementary schools, the soon-to-be graduates had a chance to reconnect with their former teachers and staff, look at old class photographs and reminisce. 

STEM Learners at Tooker Avenue

STEM Learners at Tooker Avenue photo
Throughout the school year, fourth- and fifth-grade students in STEM enrichment program at Tooker Avenue Elementary School have been engaged in hands-on learning activities. The students made lava lamps and learned that oil and water do not mix, and oil forms circles on the top due to surface tension. They further realized the results of carbon dioxide gas introduced into the solution. The students also designed, created, engineered and constructed a foosball table. They collected data while kicking goals. 

Tooker Students Are Out of this World

Tooker Students Are Out of this World photo
First-graders in Louise Pino’s class at Tooker Avenue Elementary School recently completed their science unit of study on the solar system. Each student in the class researched a planet, wrote a report and made a poster of their planet. 

SCOPE Pre-Kindergarten Application

Registration for the SCOPE pre-kindergarten program for the 2018-19 school year is now open. 


Tooker’s Tennis stars

Tooker’s Tennis stars photo
Fourth- and fifth-grade students at Tooker Avenue Elementary School are participating in a before-school tennis program. Led by Tooker Avenue Principal Charles Germano and physical education teacher Mike Bellacosa, the students meet once a week for instruction on technique and rules of the sport. 

Sounds Good at Tooker

Tooker Avenue students had an assembly on May 14 with Brent Daniels sponsored by the school’s PTA Cultural Arts Program. Mr. Daniels showed the students how music is composed in today’s entertainment industry and discussed the importance of education in all subjects. Students participated in the program to create a one-of-a-kind, on-the-spot sounds and song composition that had everyone in the audience dancing and singing.

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Sorting Syllables

As part of their first grade phonics program, Fundations, students in Mrs. Pino’s first grade class at Tooker Avenue learned how to identify, read and write “closed” and “open” syllables. The students, divided into four groups, were given 12 word cards each, and they had to sort them by syllable type.