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Junior High Artists Earn BACCA Honors

Junior High Artists Earn BACCA Honors photo

Five Junior High School eighth-graders earned honors in the spring Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts judged show. The district congratulates the following students: Olivia Price (left), second place; Cara Cirasole (second from right); third place and honorable mention winners Stephanie Curley (right), Michael Alexiadis (second from left) and Dianna Binning (not pictured).

West Babylon Students Showcase Math Skills

West Babylon Students Showcase Math Skills photo
Ten sixth-graders from the Junior High School participated in the Mathematics Tournament by the Sea at Long Beach Middle School on May 18. Students were divided into teams and collectively solved challenging math problems. The district congratulates the following student participants: Cole Bricker, Matthew Cella, Conor Davis, Justin Jastrzebski, Kai Miller, Dylan Mulieri, Olivia Saitta, Cenahi Smith, Jack Tennant and Rosalin Watras. They are pictured with Junior High School teachers Frank Ging and Nicole Craig. 

Technology Students Test Their Rocket Power

Technology Students Test Their Rocket Power photo

Seventh-grade technology students at West Babylon Junior High School constructed soda bottle rockets while learning about the history of rocketry from the ancient Chinese to modern day inter-planetary space rockets. Students learned the science behind how all objects, including rockets, move on Earth and in space. Using technology, students transformed a soda bottle into a rocket and tested its launching abilities in the field outside the school on June 12. Custom fins, guidance tubes and transition cones were designed by students to create their own individual rockets. After launch, the students used mathematical formulas to calculate the altitudes their rockets were able to reach.

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Relay for Life

Maker Space Challenge

In the sixth-grade Maker Space challenge, students were given a “blind box” with generic objects and had to work as a team to create something that moves.

Battle of the Classes

Students enjoyed the 2nd day of Battle of the Classes! They did a football throw and kick, 50 and 100 yard dash, balloon and sponge relays, a gigantic puzzle, basketball throws, just dance and much more! 

Hard-Working Gardeners

Hard-Working Gardeners photo

The Junior High School Garden Club has been hard at work beautifying the grounds and planting all vegetables that will eventually be donated to a local food pantry.


A Tower of Toothpicks

A Tower of Toothpicks photo

Junior High School students in Heidi Birr’s class were tasked with creating a tower out of toothpicks and mini-marshmallows as part of a makerspace activity in the library. The tower design needed to be strong enough to hold several bookmarks and a paint pallet. The tallest structure was 6.5 inches and held the bookmark. The sturdiest structure was 4.25 inches and held the bookmark and paint pallet.

Flag Day Display

Flag Day Display photo
Flag Day Display photo 2
Students in Debra Henthorne’s class at the Junior High School made an art project in honor of Flag Day at the end of their unit on the American flag. The flag will be displayed in Eagle's Landing at the entrance of the school. 

Four Students Place at MagLev Comp

Four Students Place at MagLev Comp photo
Junior High School eighth-grade technology students participated in Brookhaven National Laboratory’s annual MagLev competition. The district congratulates the following students who took home awards: Burak Kaya, second place, futuristic design; Michael Alexiadis, first place, electrified track; Allison Milla, second place, electrified track; and Lauren Russell, third place, electrified track.

Eighth-Grade Dance

Buddy Club’s End-of-Year Celebration

Ozobots at the JHS

Ozobots showed the students how to draw lines for the robots to follow. The Botley Robot is the advanced ozobot. It comes with pre-drawn lines on six boards, a controller, obstacle courses and more. The Botley Robot will react to the codes that the students program.

Skittles Experiment

Students in Kathleen Stein's CORE class at the Junior High School participated in Maker Space in the library on May 18. Students formed a hypothesis of how fast various colors of Skittles would dissolve in different types of liquids. Using a red Skittle, they experimented by dropping one into water, vinegar, and Coca-Cola.