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Student of the Month

Student of the Month photo

Interviews with students braving the shave!

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Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Sweaters photo
Ugly Sweaters photo2
Students in Ms. Mattson’s math applications class at the Junior High School recently worked on an ugly sweater project.  The project gave students an opportunity to explore rigid motions (translations, reflections, rotations) in a creative way.  While making these shapes they formed their ugly sweater.

St. Baldrick's at WBJHS

Members of the West Babylon lacrosse team, along with JHS Principal Daniel McKeon, are gearing up for the St. Baldrick’s event at the junior high school on March 1.

3D Technology

Matthew Gibbon from Allegheny Educational System visited on Feb. 5 to provide professional development for the technology department's new Ultimaker 3D printer. Students will be able to design, create and print 3D objects in class.

Pressure Testers

Thanks to the nice weather, students in Mrs. Kronenbitter’s class ventured outside to test the barometric pressure.

Cradle of Aviation Trip

JHS Teacher Honored with Bright Lights Award

JHS Teacher Honored with Bright Lights Award photo
For his use of technology in the classroom, West Babylon Junior High School technology teacher Greg Hartranft received a Bright Lights Award from the Association of Suffolk Supervisors for Educational Technologies. He is pictured, center, with West Babylon Junior High School Principal Daniel McKeon and Stephanie Nocerino, student data and instructional technology coordinator.

December Student of the Month

December Student of the Month photo


MLK Researchers

MLK image
At the junior high school, sixth-grade Library class students were assigned to conduct research on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's. life and times. While researching, students had to ensure the resources were valid and credible.

Crystal Makers

Mrs. Smith's sixth grade science classes were learning about changing in stages of matter and made crystals.

Music in the Halls

its a picture
The halls are alive with the sound of music! The junior high school Drama Club is very busy rehearsing for their upcoming March musical.


MakerSpace photo

Prior to the winter recess, Junior High School students engaged in a MakerSpace activity by designing gingerbread Houses!  Students worked in teams to create and engineer a floor plan for the house – then moved on to building the house. Teamwork was the key idea, only to be out done by enthusiasm!

Holiday cheer through the halls at the WBJHS