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Candy Hearts

Santapogue students were excited to use candy hearts to make predictions. Will the candy hearts float in water? Soda? Vinegar? Hand- on experiments are such a fun way to learn!

Forest Avenue Goes ‘Mad’

Forest Avenue Goes ‘Mad’ photo
Forest Avenue Goes ‘Mad’ photo 2
Forest Avenue Goes ‘Mad’ photo 3
Forest Avenue Goes ‘Mad’ photo 5
On Jan. 25, Forest Avenue students and staff enjoyed the PTA-sponsored Mad Science assembly.  Students had the chance to volunteer during science experiments.  They learned the differences between a chemical change and a physical change through several experimental activities.

American Heart Association

JFK staff come together and wear red for a common goal to spread awarenessabout cardiovascular disease. Money was raised for the American Heart Association.

100 Days and Valentine's Day

Forest Avenue celebrates Valentine’s Day and the 100th day of school.

100th Day of School at Forest Avenue

Forest Avenue students and staff celebrate the 100th Day of School at Forest Avenue!

Student of the Month

Student of the Month photo

South Bay Readers

South Bay Readers photo
South Bay Readers photo 2
South Bay Readers photo 3
On Feb. 1, South Bay Elementary School celebrated World Read Aloud Day. Students celebrated the ways that reading aloud, sharing stories, and literacy in general have the power to bring communities together.  Pictured are third-grade students reading with library media specialist Kara Levy. 

Important Safety and Security Message - February 13, 2019


Cheerleaders Take Sixth in the Nation

The varsity cheerleading team competed at the 2019 National High School Cheerleading Championship at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida, during the weekend of Feb 9-10. This is the 12th year the team has qualified for the championship. With a highly competitive division, 42 teams from across the country, they battled through three rounds to place sixth in the nation. The team will be competing again on Feb. 16 at the Suffolk County Championship at Centereach High School at 9 a.m.

JHS Celebrates World Read Aloud Day

JHS Celebrates World Read Aloud Day photo
In celebration of World Read Aloud Day, Dr. Peter Pantina read the award-winning book  “More Than Anything Else” to sixth grade library students at the Junior High School. Students were fascinated to hear how Booker T. Washington first saw his name in letters and how he was motivated to read.

100 Days Monsters

Kindergartners at John F. Kennedy Elementary created 100th day monsters to celebrate 100 days of learning. The students were asked to create monsters using a variety of items in groups of 10 to equal 100. They were instructed to add 10 eyes, 10 legs, 10 hands, 10 arms, and 10 feet. Then they had to add five more features in groups of 10.

Interviews with students braving the shave!

Click here to watch

VIDEO: SEL in Action at South Bay


Click this video to see some of the happenings at South Bay.

Fifth Grade Spaghetti Dinner

Movement Maze

South Bay’s Movement Maze is up and running next to the kindergarten classrooms. In addition to providing developmentally appropriate movement opportunities for wellness and targeting gross motor and coordination skills, the Movement Maze can be used to address motor planning skills essential to developing higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills. So far, the students have responded well to it and appear to be excited about the use of the Movement Maze.

Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Sweaters photo
Ugly Sweaters photo2
Students in Ms. Mattson’s math applications class at the Junior High School recently worked on an ugly sweater project.  The project gave students an opportunity to explore rigid motions (translations, reflections, rotations) in a creative way.  While making these shapes they formed their ugly sweater.

Snow Day in Kindergarten

Students in Mrs. Russo's class learned how to make "speech snow" with Miss Bavolar and Mrs. Russo during a language lesson. The students worked on their describing skills and building their vocabulary as they described real snow. They also worked on following a sequence of steps in a recipe to make "speech snow."

Third at County Championships

Coun ty
Congratulations to the boys varsity track and field team for placing third overall at the county championships. Marcus Daley, Kyle Adams, and the 4 x 400 relay took home gold. Jay Santana placed second in the 600 meters. The placement and his high academic standing earns him a place on the All-Academic All-County Track Team.

Tri-M Honor Society Vendor/Craft Fair 3/2/19


Mindset Family and Faculty Book Club


Wrestling Champs

Wrestling Champs photo
Congratulations to these League 5 wrestling champions: Elijah Triana, Billy Colloca, Elijah King, Herb Hernandez, Jacob Carey and Masire Triana.

Best of luck to them all as they head to the county Championships to represent West Babylon this weekend!

Winter League Champions

Winter League Champions photo
The girls winter varsity track team won its third consecutive Winter League III Championship at Suffolk Community College on Jan. 20. With this achievement, the team became only the third team since 1986 to win three League III titles in a row. West Babylon did this in resounding fashion, scoring in every one of the 15 track and field events. This marks the first time in school history that there was a scorer in every event.  Here are some highlights: 
55M dash – Nadja Ashley (second), Jessie Boos (sixth)
3000M – Jo Critchley (first), Natalie Haab (fourth)
1000m – Hannah Heller (first)
55 Hurdles – Alexandra Trischetti (third), Erin Thompson (fifth)
600m – Ja’Len DeFilippis (first), Jenna D’Onofrio (third)
1500m – Jo Critchley (third)
1500m Racewalk – Vivienne Berger (sixth)
300m ¬– Jessie Boos (sixth)
Triple Jump – Nadja Ashley (first), Ja’Len DeFilippis (second)
Long Jump – Nadja Ashley (first), Alexandra Trischetti (fifth)
High Jump – Alexandra Trischetti (first)
Shot Put – Jaimee Starzee (fifth)
4x400m ¬– Jenna D’Onofrio, Erin Thompson, Jessie Boos, Ja’Len DeFilippis (first)
4x200 –  Sara Vozza, Raina Quinones, Victoria McKenzie, Jenna D’Onofrio (sixth)
4x800m- –Natalie Haab, Shannon Hieber, Jo Critchley, Hannah Heller (third)

World Read Aloud Day

Kindergarten student's in Mrs. Egan's class and fourth grade students in Miss Craig and Mrs. Goodwin's class joined together to celebrate World Read Aloud Day by reading some of their favorite books to one another.

St. Baldrick's at WBJHS

Members of the West Babylon lacrosse team, along with JHS Principal Daniel McKeon, are gearing up for the St. Baldrick’s event at the junior high school on March 1.

3D Technology

Matthew Gibbon from Allegheny Educational System visited on Feb. 5 to provide professional development for the technology department's new Ultimaker 3D printer. Students will be able to design, create and print 3D objects in class.

Valentines for Veterans

Valentines for Veterans photo
Students in Mrs. Milligan’s second grade class at John F. Kennedy Elementary School are using their writing skills to show appreciation for the sacrifices veterans make every day by sending valentines to veterans.

Pressure Testers

Thanks to the nice weather, students in Mrs. Kronenbitter’s class ventured outside to test the barometric pressure.

NonFiction Text Feature scavenger hunt

Students in Lisa DeGennaro’s First Grade class went on a NonFiction Text Feature scavenger hunt. Students worked in groups using a Scholastic News to find text features like captions, titles, bold words, etc. They used post-it’s to mark the text features they found.

Breakout Activity Engages Out of the Box Learning

Breakout Activity Engages Out of the Box Learning 1

South Bay Elementary School recently learned about Martin Luther King Jr. Day during a unique, hands-on activity. During their library media classes, fifth-graders participated in a breakout session related to facts about Dr. King.

Prior to the activity, the students watched the “I Have A Dream” speech and learned about facts about the civil rights activist. Library media specialist Kara Levy designed a breakout session for the students where they had to solve riddles in order to open the four boxes. 

Within the breakout session, students had to answer questions, scan QR codes and read maps to get the boxes open. Students used blacklights, invisible ink and the computers to solve many of the riddles. Each student had a role in the breakout, some serving as tech experts, locksmiths or cheering on the team.

“These breakout sessions are more than just memorizing facts,” Levy said. “These hands-on activities teach reading comprehension, teamwork as well as history.” Most importantly, Levy said, is that 100 percent of the students are engaged in these types of lessons, not even realizing that they are learning while having fun. “It’s a challenge for them and they want to participate.”

Mad Science Visit

The Mad Science assembly visited John F. Kennedy Elementary School on Feb. 1. Students had the a chance to experience hands-on, unique science experiences that were as entertaining as they were educational.

Safety First

As a gentle reminder for our drivers, as per New York State law, when a stopped school bus flashes its red lights, traffic that approaches from either direction must stop before it reaches the school bus. This includes the front of the school and in school parking lots. Passing a stopped school bus is a five-point violation.


Super Bowl Picks

Super Bowl Picks photo
Carts were decorated for the JFK SOUPer Bowl thanks to Mrs. Daley, Mrs. Carcone and the JFK student wellness ambassadors. All cans were donated to Our Lady Of Grace Food pantry.

Mad Science

Mad Science came to JFK. Students got a chance to experience hands on,unique science experiences that were as entertaining as they were educational.

Mad Science Assembly

Students and staff at Forest Avenue enjoyed the PTA sponsored "Mad Science" assembly.

Cradle of Aviation Trip

MLK Lesson

MLK Lesson photo
As part of a lesson about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nancy Febbraro’s second-grade class at South Bay Elementary School worked together to create a poster in his honor.

Santapogue Mural Project

JHS Teacher Honored with Bright Lights Award

JHS Teacher Honored with Bright Lights Award photo
For his use of technology in the classroom, West Babylon Junior High School technology teacher Greg Hartranft received a Bright Lights Award from the Association of Suffolk Supervisors for Educational Technologies. He is pictured, center, with West Babylon Junior High School Principal Daniel McKeon and Stephanie Nocerino, student data and instructional technology coordinator.

Relay Team Heads to Millrose Games

Relay Team Heads to Millrose Games photo
Relay Team Heads to Millrose Games photo 2
Relay Team Heads to Millrose Games photo 3
The girls varsity track team competed at the Armory track meet on Jan. 9. The 4 x 400 relay team won the Long Island time trials and advanced to the 112th annual Millrose Games on Feb. 9. The team ran a season’s best 4:00.49, which improved their Long Island-best time. This time is currently the second fastest in New York State. The 4 x 400 meter members are Jenna D’Onofrio, Jessie Boos, Ja’Len DeFilippis and Hannah Heller.

Lessons in Diversity

Lessons in Diversity photo
Lessons in Diversity photo 2
Lessons in Diversity photo 3

Students in Debbie LoSardo’s class at South Bay Elementary School participated in a lesson in diversity. After choosing one gift based on how it looked on the outside, the students soon realized that the prettiest gifts didn’t feature the best treats inside. The class spoke about how someone’s outside does not dictate what they are like in the inside. They then closed their eyes and had to guess what color M&M they ate. They discussed how they are exactly the same on the inside no matter what they look like and how people all have the same insides.


Forest Avenue Willy Wonka Winter Dance

Forest Avenue students, staff, and families enjoyed the Willy Wonka Winter Dance.

December Student of the Month

December Student of the Month photo


JFK Foster Grandparents: For the Love of Learning


Click here to see an inside look at the elementary school grandparent program

MLK Researchers

MLK image
At the junior high school, sixth-grade Library class students were assigned to conduct research on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's. life and times. While researching, students had to ensure the resources were valid and credible.

Kindergarten Learners

Kindergartners are having fun reading alphabet books. They used their alphabet charts to help decode words and also guessed what would come next.

Torres Named Coca-Cola Semifinalist

Torres Named Coca-Cola Semifinalist
Senior High School student Jonathan Torres has been selected as a 2019 Coca-Cola Scholar semifinalist. More than 95,000 seniors submitted applications from across the country and only 1,896 students were chosen to continue through the selection process.

Jonathan is currently submitting his semifinalist applications to be reviewed by the Program Reading Committee in January. After this review, 250 semifinalists will advance as regional finalists and 150 seniors will be named Coca-Cola Scholars. The mission of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is to provide scholarship programs and lifelong enrichment opportunities.

Grandparents Give Back at JFK

Grandparents Give Back at JFK photo
Grandparents Give Back at JFK photo 2
Affectionately called Grandma and Grandpa by the students of John F. Kennedy Elementary School, the five senior citizens who work in the school are making a lasting impression in the classroom.

The foster grandparents who volunteer in the classrooms help give extra support to the teachers and work closely with students. As part of the Foster Grandparents program, seniors are matched with schools in their area, where they spend time assisting students and making connections. Students are able to get one-on-one time with a foster grandparent, giving them the extra boost they need to succeed in school. 

 Some of the foster grandparents volunteer for a few hours per day while others spend the whole school day with the students. “I have been so fortunate to have had Grandpa Tony in my classroom for the past seven years,” Lisa DeGennaro, a first-grade teacher, said. “I have never met a more giving, positive individual, and it has been an absolute pleasure to spend my days with Grandpa Tony.”

“The most enjoyable part of my day is being in the classroom with 6- and 7-year-olds,” Tony Farina, aka Grandpa Tony, said. “They energize you. I find this program incredibly rewarding for me, and hopefully them, helping them with their academics but, more importantly, just spending time listening to them.”

Dorothy Cohn, aka Grandma Dorothy, has been part of the program for 13 years. She says she loves working with the little ones and it gives her a reason to get up in the morning. 

It may seem that the program is beneficial to the students, who receive extra attention in the classroom, but really, the relationship goes both ways. JoAnne Scipione, who has been working at the school for 16 years, says she loves working with the students and they give her back her life.
“It has been such a privilege to work with so many foster grandparents during my 21 years as principal of JFK,” Principal Gregg Cunningham said. “They provide such a valuable resource and service to our school, especially for our students. We’re so fortunate to have had such an outstanding program at JFK for so many years and, hopefully, for many more years to come!”

Tooker’s Student Council

The Tooker Avenue fifth grade student council took part in some fun activities after completing their student council business. This month's meeting consisted of voting on Spirit Week, reviewing the status of the 1000 Bottle Project and completing the plans for the Pennies for Patients Fundraiser in March.

Lessons from the Grinch

Lessons from the Grinch photo

On Dec. 20, fifth-graders at Santapogue Elementary School participated in a themed day based on the classic story of  Dr. Seuss’s “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” Lessons were focused on how one person can make a difference and how the Grinch needed an upstander like Cindy Lou.

Crystal Makers

Mrs. Smith's sixth grade science classes were learning about changing in stages of matter and made crystals.

Math Manipulatives

Students in Ms. Mahler’s second grade class at South Bay Elementary School are working on math using manipulatives.

Music in the Halls

its a picture
The halls are alive with the sound of music! The junior high school Drama Club is very busy rehearsing for their upcoming March musical.


MakerSpace photo

Prior to the winter recess, Junior High School students engaged in a MakerSpace activity by designing gingerbread Houses!  Students worked in teams to create and engineer a floor plan for the house – then moved on to building the house. Teamwork was the key idea, only to be out done by enthusiasm!

Hands-On Math

Ms. Mahler's 2nd Grade Class doing hands on math work!

Student-Artists Take Home Top Prizes

Student-Artists Take Home Top Prizes photo
Student-Artists Take Home Top Prizes photo 2
Two Senior High School student-artists were recognized for their artwork and took home top prizes in the Suffolk County Community College annual high school art exhibit on Dec. 13. More than 40 works were submitted, and only six winners were chosen. Olivia Golebiewski took second place for her gouache painting  “Pick your Poison” and Nicholas McGraw was named a third-place winner for his photograph “Loyalty.” Their artwork will be on display at Gallery West in the Captree Commons building at the Suffolk County Community College-Grant Campus.   

Student-Musician Joins Jazz Ensemble

Student-Musician Joins Jazz Ensemble photo
Senior High School student-musician Aidan Carberry has been accepted to perform on drums with the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association All-County Jazz Ensemble. In addition to the regular concert on April 11, the SCMEA All-County Jazz Ensemble will perform at the Suffolk PTA Presidents and Principals Dinner on Jan. 17 and at the Suffolk County School Superintendents Association joint conference on Jan. 30.

Business Students Get Inside Look at MSG

Business Students Get Inside Look at MSG photo
On Dec. 10, Senior High School business education students attended a tour of Madison Square Garden. Students explored exclusive VIP areas of the state-of-the-art arena, including the Rangers’ and Knicks’ locker rooms, luxury fan suites and the Chase Bridge. The tour also included more than 130 years of MSG history.

Tooker Detectives

Tooker Detectives
Tooker Detectives2
The inference detectives in Mrs. Fitzgerald’s first grade class at Tooker Avenue are using their inference skills to crack “The Case of the Missing Toy Sack.” The case was solved!

Holiday cheer through the halls at the WBJHS

JFK Kazoo Band

String Ensemble Serenades Seniors

String Ensemble Serenades Seniors photo
The Senior High School String Ensemble performed for the residents of Sunrise Senior Living in Babylon as part of their Festival of Music event for the holiday season on Dec. 11. Students performed in the lobby of the center for an audience of close to 100 residents.