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Native American Lessons

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Mrs. Ayerle and Mrs. Valdemira’s second graders at Tooker Avenue Elementary School constructed Native American dwellings called hogans. The students learned about Native Americans, shelters and how the Native Americans helped the pilgrims meet their basic needs.  

An Interactive Thanksgiving Lesson

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During their library class, students in Mr. McKeown’s third grade class at Forest Avenue Elementary School were challenged to take on the role of historians to learn about the first Thanksgiving in's virtual field trip. Using Chromebooks, students participated in the interactive Thanksgiving journey, under the direction of librarian Andrea Francisco. 

New Pathway Gets JFK Students Moving

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Just in time for Wellness Week, John F. Kennedy Elementary School unveiled its new sensory pathway. The sensory pathway is an area of the hallway by the music/art rooms that has multiple activities that can be used for engaging students, calming students, reinforcing concepts or for providing a fun break/reward that involves movement. 

Learning Outside the Classroom

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Spanish 4 students from Senior High School in Mr. Ruiz and Mrs. Connors’ classes recently engaged in a cultural experience. The classes took a field trip to the Jeanne Rimksy Theater in Port Washington. The show featured various Latin American countries and their heritage of music and dancing. Salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata and tango are Hispanic heritage dances and some students danced salsa on stage. For lunch, they visited a Colombian restaurant where they sampled steak, chicken, rice and beans and flan. 

Flying High with Paper Airplanes

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Sixth grade math lab students in Mr. DeLapi and Mr. Theo’s classes at the Junior High School combined science and math to learn how to measure distances in meters and centimeters.  Students researched and designed paper airplanes for the purpose of measuring flight distance.  The winning class gets to watch the teacher from the other class do 10 push-ups.