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For Students


During your stay here at West Babylon, you will experience a growth in knowledge and hopefully develop a positive sense of responsibility. This will enable you to meet the many challenges of the future. We hope you will get involved in the many clubs and activities here at the Senior High.


Athletic Activities

Why Not Participate In One Of Our Athletic Teams?

Interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the district's Physical Education Program with the class program providing the base, intramurals the opportunity to gain additional experience/competition, and interscholastic athletics the opportunity for the physically gifted to reach their fullest potential through activities designed to provide instruction and competition.

Athletic Activities

Fall Season
Field Hockey
Cross Country (B)
Cross Country (G)
Soccer (B)
Soccer (G)
Tennis (G)
Swimming (G)
Volleyball (B) (G)
Winter Season
Basketball (B)
Basketball (G)
Track (B)
Track (G)

Spring Season
Lacrosse-(B) (G)
Track & Field (B)
Golf -(G)
Tennis (B)
Track & Field (G)

For further information call Mr. Anthony Spinelli, Director of Athletics at 376-7065.


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Class Advisors

Ninth Grade - Ms. Korchma
Tenth Grade - Mr. Armato
Eleventh Grade - Mr. Snyder
Twelfth Grade - Mr. Rogovitz

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Clubs & Activities

Color Guard - Performs with the West Babylon Marching Eagle Band at all football games, parades and competitions. Advisor, Mrs. Kelly

Dance Team - Performs with the West Babylon Marching Eagle Band at home football games and other activities where the marching band performs.  
Advisor, Mrs. Kelly

Other Clubs and Activities:

Art Club - Mrs. Bodolai
 Art Department
Blue and Gold - Ms. Korchma/Ms. Cafiero/Ms. Hearns
Art & Music Depts
Broadcasters' Club - Mr. Barone
Music Department
Chess Club -  Mr. Dombo   
Guidance Office
ColorGuard/Kickline -  Mrs. Kelly
Music/Art  Dept.
DECA -  Mrs. Kilgus
Business Dept.
Drama Club - Ms. Cafiero
Music Dept.
Eagle's Talon - Mrs. Berger
English Dept.
Forensics Club - Mrs. Peraza
Science Dept.
GSA - Mrs. Prizzi
Science Dept.
International Club -  Mrs. Fealey
Foreign Lang. Dept.
Leaders Club - Mrs. Hearns
Foreign Lang. Dept.
Leo Club -  Mrs. Lemmo
Room 125
Literary Magazine -  TBA
English Dept.
Math Club - Mrs. C. Montalvo
Math Dept.
Mock Trial -  Mr. Jonasson
Social Stu. Dept.
Mural Painting - Ms. A. Montalvo
Science Dept.
Quiz Bowl - Mr. Malone/Mrs. Connolly
English Dept.
Robotics Club - Mr. DeSimone/Mr. Bauer
Technology Dept.
S.A.D.D. -  Mr. Jonasson
Social Stu. Dept.
Science Olympiad - Ms. A. Montalvo
Science Dept.
Scope International  - Mrs. Hearns
Foreign Lang. Dept.
SEA -  Mrs. Tichy
Resource Room
Social Science Research -  Mr. Jonasson/Mrs. Greves
Social Stu. Dept.
Varsity Club - Mrs. Antonelli
P. E. Dept.
Yearbook - Mrs. Iaquinto
Art Department

Student Government
While the most important task of the school is to provide each student with a strong, formal academic education, it is not the only important task.  For a student to develop fully, it is essential that the school provide opportunities for students to express themselves in ways that will in turn facilitate the development of leadership skills, friendships, social patterns, and life-long interests.  West Babylon High School's Student Government is dedicated to the purpose of affording each student these opportunities.  Our Student Government consists of four officers from each of the four classes and the Student Association that directs and coordinates co-curricular activities.  

The four officers of the Student Association meet regularly along with the officers of each class and are able to bring matters to the attention of the administration.  Plans and activities allow for social and service projects which promote the good welfare of both the school and the community.  Leadership and organizational skills can be fostered by involvement in student government at the class and association levels.  These two levels of government represent a microcosm of legislative and executive bodies in the "real" world and provide students with chances to hone their political skills while performing a genuine service for the school and its students.  Advisor,  Mrs. Sparks



National Honor Society
Candidates for induction into the National Honor Society are selected from the Junior and Senior classes.  In order to qualify for consideration, a student must have a cumulative unweighted average of 88 in Regents or Honors classes.  A student must complete an application that documents a wide variety of community service and leadership, and write an essay.  A selection committee then carefully screens the candidates’ applications. Once selected, members are expected to maintain the high standards which were the basis for their selection.  As an organization, the National Honor Society seeks to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character.   Advisor, Ms. Schilt

All requirements are reviewed with eligible students prior to the submission of their applications.

Business Honor Society
Seniors must complete 3 units in business courses by the end of the year.  Sophomores/Juniors must complete 2 units and planning to complete one more prior to graduation.  They must have an 88 average in business courses and an overall average of 80.  Candidates must demonstrate character, leadership and service - giving appropriate evidence.  Advisor, Mrs. Reilly-Johnson

Tri-M Honor Society
Students must participate in a performing group in the school’s music department, exhibit a good attitude toward teachers and fellow students, are cooperative and helpful in their classes and school, have registered with the Tri-M office with form and payment, and have maintained a 90 average in all music performing classes, and an 85 average in other academic subjects.  Advisor, Mrs. Meadows

Vincent Foley Foreign Language Honor Society
Candidates for induction are selected from those students who are in Level 3 Foreign Language classes.  A student must have an 85 average in each level of language studied and a cumulative average of 80 in all other courses excluding Foreign Language since their language studies began.  Candidates are screened for character, class participation and oral competency.  Members are expected to maintain high standards of performance in their subsequent language studies.  Advisor, Mrs. Coleman

Art Honor Society
Candidates for induction must maintain a high grade point average in each of their art classes.  They must participate in Art activities beyond their school day and complete 20 hours of art related community service.  Each member is encouraged to uphold an excellent attendance record and model first rate behavior in all of their classes.  Honor Society members are expected to participate in seasonal window painting for local businesses, mural painting to beautify our school, and will participate in several art contests, competitions and workshops.  
Advisor, Mrs. Bodalai

Math and Science Honor Society
The Math and Science Honor Society is an organization that is dedicated to recognizing talented math and science students, challenging these students to advance their knowledge and inspiring them to pursue careers in math and science related fields.  Students must be at least a sophomore and maintain an overall average of at least 85, a minimum course grade of 85 in all Math and Science Honors classes, and a minimum course grade of 80 in all Math or Science Advanced Placement classes.  They must enroll in at least one honors or upper level Math class, and one honors or upper level Science class each year.  In addition, they must be active members of the Math Club, Science Olympiad, Forensics Team, SEA Club, Chess Club, Quiz Bowl or Robotics Club.
Advisor, Mr. Konopa, Mrs. Reilly Johnson and Mrs. Owenburg

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Important Documents & Resources


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SAT & ACT Registration Information

Attention Class of 2016.

You can register for the exam at

Attention Class of 2016.
You can register for the exam at

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Social, Emotional, Academic Learning (SEAL)

Monthly Values
September - Respect/Responsibility
October - Team-work/Togetherness
November - Empathy/Compassion/Kindness
December - Family/Community
January - Resiliency/Perseverance
February - Honesty/Truth
March - Integrity
April - Flexibility
May - Soaring Together (All Values)
June - Soaring Together (All Values)

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