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Art Club - 6th Grade Drama Club Newspaper Club
Art Club - 7th & 8th Grade Garden Club Peer Advisory Program
Class Advisor - 6th Grade Jazz Band - 6th Grade Robotics
Class Advisor - 7th Grade Jazz Band - 7th Grade Science Olympiads
Class Advisor - 8th Grade Jazz Band - 8th Grade Student Council
Community Service Mathletes Yearbook
Computer Club Morning Challenge/Mock Trial  
Critics Club National Junior Honor Society  

Art Club - 6th Grade

Welcome to the 6th Grade Art Club Webpage!

We meet on Tuesday afternoons from 2:25-3:05 in room D4

Art Club is a wonderful way to brush up on your art skills and to be involved in many community service opportunities. We will be participating in a variety of poster contest as well as helping to create artwork for school events such as Earth Day, Autism Speaks, and Bullying Prevention week, to name a few. But don’t worry you will also have the opportunity to be expressive in your own personal interests in art as well!

Mrs. Lewis's Email:

We even experiment with new art materials!-
Can you take a guess as to what this portrait is made out of?
(Hint- You may have it in your refrigerator)
Come to Art Club to find out the answer!

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Art Club - 7th & 8th Grade

Welcome to the 7th and 8th grade art club webpage!

Do you enjoy drawing or creating art, or perhaps doodling in class?
Then this is the club for you!

Art Club is the perfect way to put your love of drawing, painting, and other artistic media into a positive use! It is a place to get involved with community service opportunities by helping create artwork for school events such as Earth Day, Autism Speaks, and Bullying Prevention week, to name a few. We also get involved with the School Musical Production by creating the Set Design for the play! But don’t worry you will have plenty of time and the opportunity to be expressive in your own personal interests in art as well!

The 7th and 8th grade art club meets on Thursday afternoons from 2:25-3:05 in room 139, We hope to see you there!
-Ms. Lewis

Ms. Lewis Email:

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Class Advisor - 6th Grade

Coming Soon...

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Class Advisor - 7th Grade

Coming Soon...

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Class Advisor - 8th Grade

Coming Soon...

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Community Service

Welcome to the JHS Community Service Club

If you like helping others....this is the club for you!!!

Every month we try to do some project that will benefit our community or any unforseen causes that may occur during the school year.  It's a fun way to volunteer and do a good deed for the world.

All students are welcome!!!

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Computer Club

Club Advisor:  Ms. Ackermann
Phone: (631) 376-7200 ext. 7208
Location:  2nd floor Computer Lab
Time:  2:20 - 3:05
Meeting Days:  Mondays

Computer club is opened to all students during the school year.

Meetings: 6th graders will meet one week followed by 7th graders the next and 8th graders the week after. Meeting reminders will be announced in the morning during homeroom and will be shown on the daily announcements for students.

Students can learn how to use Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets, charts or graphs or Microsoft Power Point for presentations. Students can research information needed for class assignments, finish WebQuests, or complete classwork and/or homework. In addition, students can go on approved Internet Websites.

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Critics Club

Critics Club meets every Friday in Eagle Hall from 2:20 - 3:05. Students watch a part of a movie each week and upon completion may participate in writing a critique which will be published in the Eagle Eye Newspaper.

- Mrs. Kohler

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Drama Club

Welcome to the JHS Drama Page! Check back frequently for information about this year's drama production.

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Garden Club

*Club Advisors:* Mrs. Kowalik and Mrs. Niles
*Email*: and
*Phone: *
(631) 376-7200 ext. 7214
*Location: *
Room A8 and the outside garden
2:20 - 3:05
*Meeting Days:*
Once a week in the fall, spring and summer. Day changes due to weather

*Welcome to the Garden Club!*

Join us to help weed, plant and harvest the crops in the Blue and Gold Go Green Garden. All students and staff are welcome!

Listen to morning announcements for the late Summer and early Autumn schedule!

We look forward to seeing you!

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Jazz Band - 6th Grade

Coming Soon...

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Jazz Band - 7th Grade

Advisor: Mr. Butler
Phone: 631-376-7833

Rehearsal Dates: Wednesdays from 2:20-3:05
Location: Bandroom

1. October 17th begins our combined rehearsals. From September 19th - October 11th are sectionals (Monday-Thursday).

2. January 7-31 are sectionals. Combined rehearsals begin February 6th and continue up until the Spring Concert.

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Jazz Band - 8th Grade

Advisor: Mr.Gimberlein
Phone: 631-376-7658

Meeting times: Thursdays from 2:20-3:05
Place: Bandroom

1.  Thursday rehearsals will not begin until second week of October.  Sectionals take place in the month of September (Monday through Thursday).

2.  In January, our club resumes with sectionals for 3-4  weeks. First week of February will begin full Jazz Band rehearsals, again on Thursdays until the Spring Concert.

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We will explore the fun world of mathematics via computers, puzzles and games. It is open to anyone who is looking for an exciting math challenge, as well as learning the strategic game of chess to complete in our end of year chess tournament.

Contact Mr. Dell'Isola with any questions.

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Morning Challenge/Mock Trial

OVERVIEW OF PROGRAMMorning Challenge is an enrichment program designed for students in grades 6-8 to develop their critical thinking, problem solvingand team work skills by using a variety of interesting and fun techniquesincluding participation in simulated mock trials. Students learn basic court procedure and act out the roles of prosecution and defense lawyers and witnesses. Students learn to work together, build leadership skills and gain confidence in public speaking and even hone their acting abilities during the ten session program.

ADVISORS (2005 to present)
Mr. C. Benvenuto, 8th grade social studies teacher
Mr. T. Horstmann, 8th grade social studies teacher

Session 1: September - October
Session 2: November-December
Session 3: January-February

Mr. C. Benvenuto, 8th Grade Social Studies teacher
Mr. T. Horstmann, 8th Grade Social Studies teacher

Mr. Benvenuto and Mr. Horstmann are both social studies teachers and have been the Morning Challenge/Mock Trial Team advisers since 2005.  The Morning Challenge/Mock Trial program uses criminal and civil law case scenarios to teach students leadership, cooperative learning, critical thinking skills and public speaking. The team is compromised of students in grades 6, 7 and 8 who compete in an annual Mock Trial Tournament at Dowling College. The Mock Trial team has successfully won all their matches at the Dowling College Tournament  in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013.


For the past four years, at its final meeting, the Mock Trial team began a tradition of selecting new captains for the upcoming school year. The captains of the current team meet and choose team members to replace them who show outstanding leadership and a strong dedication to the program.

To symbolize this event, each captain is given a gavel that was presented to them by a former captain from the year before. During course of the year the captains work with Mr. Benvenuto and Mr. Horstmann throughout the Morning Challenge program training 6th grade students and helping in any way they can. During the practice leading up to the Mock Trial tournament, the captains are looked upon to help their teammates prepare for what can be an intense tournament.

At the conclusion of the tournament, the captains begin to consider their replacements for the following year. They take into consideration many factors and take the selection of their replacements very seriously. The captains then address the team and in their final act as captain pass their gavel to the students they select as the new captains for the following year.


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National Junior Honor Society

Students are eligible for induction after the 2nd quarter of 7th and 8th
grade. Students must maintain an average of 90.0 for the previous five
quarters in order to be eligible. An eligibility list is posted, and
students interested in pursuing membership must attend a mandatory
meeting. Students who choose to continue with this process must complete
an "application" which is then evaluated by a committee of faculty
members. The induction of accepted members is held in March.
Meetings: Meetings are held on an as needed basis in Eagle Hall and are
announced in advance.

Club Advisor: Tara Limperatos

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Newspaper Club

*Welcome to Newspaper Club!*
The student staff of Newspaper Club meets weekly to work on its final product:

*The Eagle Eye!*
*The Eagle Eye* is the West Babylon JHS's newspaper that is published biannually to report on the various events that occur throughout the school year. The student staff of *The Eagle Eye* experiences the entire writing process where they first compile the information for the featured articles and then write and edit the articles. The students also take the photographs to accompany the articles, as well as use their artistic abilities in drawing many of the illustrations for the paper and creating comics, puzzles, and other fun features.

Newspaper Club meets weekly on Tuesday afternoons in room C5 from 2:20 until 3:05. New members are always welcome.

Any questions?
Please contact club advisor.
Mrs. Carrozzo

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Peer Advisory Program

Coming Soon...

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Club Advisor:  Mr. McCaslin
Email: Phone: (631) 376-7200
2nd floor Computer Lab
2:20 - 3:05
Meeting Day:

Students will have the opportunity to build robots kits and
other automated toys/devices. They will work in small groups brainstorming
and findings ways to complete various tasks. Students are also welcome to
utilize computers to enjoy games and other educational opportunities.

Students are welcome to bring things from home (Lego, RC toys etc) that relate to the club, have educational merit and will *not cause distractions* during school.

Meetings: The club is open to *all* students during the school year; typically the beginning of the year is the busiest with nearly 100 students showing interest. As a result the students are broken up into groups of 25. Each student will be assigned a group and is responsible for listening to the morning announcements and/or reading a printed copy of the schedule located in the cafeterias. Each group will meet approximately once a month until enrollment goes down, at which point we will consolidate the groups and meet more frequently.

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Science Olympiads

Science Olympiad is a team competition in which students compete in 'events' pertaining to various scientific disciplines, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

The Science Olympiad Team is open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in September and October. After October, please see the team's coach to determine if there are openings on the team.

Meetings will be held each Wednesday and Thursday in Room M10 until 3:05PM.

*Team Coach*
Mrs. Kronenbitter

*Try these websites for additional information.*
Use the links below to research the Science Olympiad competition and Events. If you find additional links that you find useful, please let the coach know so it can be added to this list.

Remember: we are Division B!
(Lists events, check for rule clarification)
(National site, has resources by event)
(Practice tests and tests from past years... note: may not be the same rules as this year!)

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Student Council

Student Council is a club for all students interested in making a change!

Advisors: Ms. Moran, Ms. O'Neill, Mrs. Augustine, Mrs. K. Craig

The president must be an 8th grader and is elected by the entire school.

6th, 7th and 8th grade holds elections for the following offices:

Vice President
Historian/public relations
There are also homeroom representative positions for those who want to help!

Student Council Events:
Students are actively involved in planning events that benefit the West Babylon community. A popular event  is "The Homeroom challenge" food drive, where the homeroom with the most items brought in wins a breakfast with Mr. Payne and Mrs. Carere.

Students also get involved with penny wars, autism awareness, anti-bullying campaign and other school-wide events to bring awareness to the JHS community.

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Club advisors: Mr. Hartranft and Mrs. Tomeo

September 28th
October 26th
November 30th
December 21st
January 25th
February 15th
March 22nd
April 19th
May 24th
June 14th

**Additional meetings may be needed as we get closer to final layout of the

Yearbook Club is opened to all students during the school year.

Meeting reminders can be seen by students on their homeroom SharpBoard and morning announcements

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