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Bucketfilling at Santapogue

How Santapogue Implemented Its Bucket Filling Program:

We began this wonderful program with the inspiration of Carol McCloud’s book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids.  We began by having each classroom teacher read the book to their students.  Then the special area teachers (music, art, phys ed., etc) also read the book to reinforce it.  We had it read on the am announcements as well.  This was all within a few weeks time.  Some of the teachers set up bulletin boards in their room where the class could put "bucket filling" messages on students' paper buckets.

We then planned for Carol McCloud to visit our school.  We arranged this through grant money awarded by Sprint.  We decorated our school with student colored paper buckets and a bucket display in our front lobby.

Carol McCloud visited Santapogue for two days.  The first day was a community seminar and a faculty seminar.  The community seminar invited government officials, school administration, board of education members, parent association members, paraprofessionals, transportation department, custodial staff, fire and police department representatives, as well as older student representatives.  Each organization received a bucket with a positive message inside.  The faculty meeting was very similar but specifically for the teachers in our building.  The very next day two student assemblies were held.  Each assembly was a presentation by Carol McCloud discussing and showing the book and its message.  The following day the students received "I'm a Bucket Filler!" bracelets and pencils as a gift and a reminder.  Individual classrooms are continuing their own specific bucket filling program.  The teachers and staff continue to reinforce the message through discussions, role playing and modeling of bucket filling within our school and community.

For more information, please visit Carol McCloud’s website