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National Get Caught Reading Month

May is National Get Caught Reading Month. Every day in May a picture of someone caught reading will be added to our slideshow.

J.F.K. 5th Grade Circus Came To Town

A Visit with Nature

A Visit with Nature Photo

Steve Fratello, also known as the Butterfly Man, visited with the first-grade classes at John. F. Kennedy Elementary School on April 7. As part of a BOCES Arts-in-Education program and sponsored by the school’s PTA, Fratello presented his tropical rainforest butterfly program.

Fratello is an explorer, naturalist and butterfly collector. He shared amazing stories, along with his rare and varied collections of butterflies and moths. The first-graders learned firsthand from Fratello’s experiences and had an up close and personal look at many types of butterflies and moths from all around the world.

In addition to viewing the collections, Fratello spoke to students about the many species of butterflies and moths and the differences between the two creatures. They also learned how they survive and adapt in their environments through mimicry and camouflage. Students learned about the butterfly anatomy and lifecycle and will have the opportunity to use their knowledge when they hatch their own monarch butterflies in the classroom next month.

Earth Day Recyclers

Earth Day Recyclers Photo
Under the supervision of Mr. Amarando, the fourth grade J.F.K recyclers collect plastic, cans and paper to help the environment. To them everyday is Earth Day.

Administrative Professional's Week

Administrative Professional's Week Photo
In honor of Administrative Professional's Week we recognized the importance and value of our J.F.K. administrative professionals. Thank you, ladies.

Poem in Your Pocket Day

In celebration of the grade 5 poetry unit and poem in your pocket day. Fifth graders greeted students with poems for their pockets.

Raising Money for Research

Raising Money for Research Photo
J.F.K. Elementary is so proud of Team Lacrosse! The boys shaved their heads voluntarily, to inspire friends and family to donate money for childhood cancer research.