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"All In" Academic Effort Awards

Our "All In" award focuses on our student's academic effort each month at Tooker Avenue School. To be considered for this award, students need to put forth their best effort in all academic areas with a specific emphasis on ELA and Mathematics. They also need to put in extra effort that is above and beyond what happens in class or for homework. At our school, we use Raz Kids for reading and IXL for math. Each student has a user name and password to access these sites from home. Practicing on these sites is an excellent way for them to prove that they are "All In" to improving throughout the school year. They may also choose to practice reading, writing, or math without the use of a computer. If they choose to do this, they need to consult with their classroom teacher to ensure that they get credit.

I would like to thank all of our students for working hard on a daily basis. It is greatly appreciated, and these extra efforts will allow us to accomplish great things at our elementary school!


June 2018 All-In Award Winners

june all in

Anthony King, Lily Montalvo, Amelia Berkey, Morgan Berkey, Melissa rodriguez, James Davolio,
Danna Jaramillo, Mert Yildiz (not pictured), Piero Icaza (not pictured), Erica Paragna,
Marc Hardwick, Olivia Machtel, Delmis Sanchez, Ethan Reina and Momar Gueye.

May 2018 All-In Award Winners

may all in

Ronnie Tischler, Dylan Vales, Giuliana Gnip, Michelle Zheng, Valentina Espinal, Bradyn Lewis,
Claire Devane, Brian Salmeron, Julianna Mancuso, Elizabeth Lopez, Anthony Mastrangelo,
Serhan Daldal (not pictured), Halina Contreras, Dominick Gagnon, Ethan Reina (not pictured)
and Michael Johnston.

March 2018 All-In Award Winners


Guinevere Ye, Mia Mueck (not pictured), Chloe Barbosa-Wright, Jaelynn Burgess, Danna Jaramillo,
Sebastian Bigos, Gabriel Abreu, Christopher Flores, Sarah Coffey, Kelly Burke, Angela Roldan,
Rylee Keser and Ethan Reina

February 2018 All-In Award Winners

Abram Puccio, Kiko Johnson, Emmanuel Paragna, Ryleigh Drago, Arjuna Kirupakaran, Dylan Camposano, Mert Yildiz, Leah Kutchens, Daira Navarro, Katherine Antonetti, Matthew Lottman, Kelly Burke, Halina Contreras, Ashley Lopez and Ashley Wansor

January 2018 All-In Award Winners

january award photo

Eylul Yildiz, Dominic Paschette, Reilly Almskog, Forrest Fishman, James Fishman,
Brayden Lewis, Owen Blair, Malahny Davis, Steve Gervasi, Jayden Arocho, Erica Huang,
Nalleli Guzman and Samantha Serrano

November/December 2017 All-In Winners

Ronnie Tischler, Braydon Dunn (not pictured), Ava Dockery, Nina Milani (not pictured),
Selena Barahona, Louis Fishman (not pictured), Kylie Fogarty, Riley Pokorny, MacKenzy Lewis, Nico Milani, Isabella Muniz, Saran Medina, Kelly Burke, Fernando Flores, Dominick Gagnon, Rosie Chiofalo and Momar Gueye


October 2017 All-In Award Winners


Alycia Gervasi, Akshara Kirupakaran, Samantha Seitz, Tyler McDermid, Thalia Goss,
Brandon Krutys, Claire Devane, Othaniel Gaxiola, Saad Syed, Kaden LaVecchia, Jennise Gomez,
Anthont Gerbasio, Abby Serigano, Etan Zheng, Gino Gargiulo, Ashley Wansor and
Aniyah Lowndes

June 2017 All-In Award Winners


Emmanuel Paragna, Christos Spirou, Richie Slattery, Yaneli Vargas (not in picture), Sara Jakubisiak, Jasmine Anderson, Sarah Medina, Erin Slavens, Stacey Canales, Christina Carson, Ethan Reina & Aiden Rodriguez

May 2017 All-In Award Winners


​Brooklyn Monte, Morgan Berkey, Elinai Nunez, Adrianna Dunsmore, Leah Kutchens (not in picture), Mustafa Bodur, Gabriel Abreu, Julianna Mancuso, Lauren Johnston, Lindsey Kutchens, Jaclyn Morra, Aydan Zapata (not in picture), Samantha Serrano & Daniel Alvarado

April 2017 All-In Award Winners

all in winners april

Kaitlyn Mancuso, Reilly Almskog, Valentina Espinal, Julia Smith (not in picture), Lia DeGennaro,
Owen Blair, Jalen Campbell, Nina Gerbasio (not in picture), Sasha Laikin, Etan Zheng and
Rosie Chiofalo.

March 2017 All-In Award Winners

all in march image

Ava Dockery, Karina Ushakova, Rory Lampasso, Angelo Vecomnskie, Kylie Fogarty,
Christopher Flores, Melanie Jastrzebski, Anthony Gerbasio, Matthew Lottman, Lauren Kutchens,
Justin Jastrzebski, Ashley Wansor & Lidge Kellum

February 2017 All-In Award Winners:

all in feb17 image

Joshua Lojan, Morgan Berkey, Berkay Kaya, Brandon Krutys, Yaneli Vargas, Magdali Rodriguez, Saad Syed, Avery Lester, Louis Licata, Daniel D'Albora, Jaclyn Morra, Timothy McNish,
Tyler Pantuliano, Dominick Gagnon and Aiden Rodriguez

January 2017 All-In Award Winners:

Daron Spencer Jr., Aiden Jimenez, Selena Barahona, Louis Fishman, Othaniel Gaxiola (not in picture), Delan Studer, Jalen Campbell, Megan Carbone, Philip Ortiz-DiPaolo, Serhan Daldal, Erica Huang, Dilara Kanat, Kaitlyn Zambrana, Jaden Jusino and Joseph Machtel

November/December 2016 All-In Award Recipients

​The winners are:
Chloe Becci, Philip Cosentino, Arjuna Kirupakaran, Jake Zambrana, Sebastian Bigos,
Mert Yildiz, Saad Syed, Steve Gervasi, Kelly Burke, Mason D'Albora, Alma Gaxiola,
Joshua Rodriguez-Torres, Rylee Kesr and Healyn Peralta.