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Interscholastic sports (for that matter, playing any sport at any level) provides numerous benefits. Some of those benefits are the social interaction, civility and character learned from competition. An interesting dynamic in sports is that while the competition is underway most players work their hardest to defeat their opponent, while others may play simply to achieve some intrinsic goal. One thing quickly learned regardless of the motivation, is that you do not always attain your desired outcome. What to do while this is happening and afterwards is where social interaction, civility and character is built and the benefits of playing sports is maximized.
There are many reason why a page like this should be developed. There are just as many degrees of sportsmanship and interpretations. With this page I am trying to bring an awareness of exemplary moments in sportsmanship. A good organization should constantly assess where it is at and how can it improve or maintain the level of success it desires. As part of our district strategic plan, sportsmanship is one area the district is carefully looking at. While some may feel the measuring instrument is subjective, at this time it is the only device around, and it is the same device used to measure all schools against eachother. So why not try and be one of the top schools? To do this it takes coaches, athletes and the spectators to work together for this common goal, since all three carry equal weight in the scoring system. Hopefully by the examples I periodically post you will agree that these are truly worthy moments of sportsmanship.